Portfolio | Children’s Books

Portfolio | Children’s Books

From the most recent to the first picture book I worked on, here is a complete list of the children’s books I’ve had the fun of illustrating.

What’s Fair?

Scholastic Canada | ISBN#9781443051613
Sketches and work in progress

The Ring

Scholastic Canada | ISBN# 9781443033817
Where to buy The Ring

Riley’s Lost Tooth

By Diane Cantrell | ISBN# 978-1-933651-62-0
Where to buy Riley’s Lost Tooth

Spotty & Eddie Visit Percé 

By Lisa M. Chalifoux | ISBN# 978-1-42692660-0
Where to buy Spotty & Eddie Visit Percé


Oxford University Press | ISBN# 978-1-933651-62-0

The Little Boy’s Smile

By Tom Krause | ISBN# 1-4251-5809-9
Where to buy The Little Boy’s Smile

Tartan Meets The Queen

By Charline Crous & Lauren Everton | ISBN# 1-4251-6158-8
Where to buy Tartan Meets the Queen

Bookie and the Scoliosis Diagnosis


By Nina Saab | ISBN# 978-0-9809137-0-5

The Brotherhood of the Stinky Underpants

By Elizabeth Austin | ISBN# 1-4363-1589-1
Where to buy The Brotherhood of the Stinky Underpants

Spotty & Eddie Learn to Compromise

By Lisa M. Chalifoux | ISBN#1-4251-5547-2
Trafford Publishing
Where to buy Spotty & Eddie Learn to Compromise

Little Land Adventures

By Shilah James | ISBN#1-897312-46-6
Little Land Adventures : Little Bird | ISBN#978-1926635330
Little Land Adventures : Little Pig | ISBN#978-1926635354
Little Land Adventures : Little Iguana | ISBN#978-1926635347
Little Land Adventures : Little Racoon | ISBN#978-1926635361
Spire Publishing
Where to buy Little Land Adventures

Goodbye Baby Max

By Diane Cantrell | ISBN#978-1-933538-95-2
Bridgeway Books
A Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient
Where to buy Good-bye, Baby Max

Purple Ribbons

By Cristina Guarneri | ISBN#9781434317605
AuthorHouse Publishing
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Grade 3 Poetry

: I Swallowed A Gnat
: The Great Frog Race
: Sidewalk Singer

Scholastic Education Canada | ISBN# 9780779165193

Grade 2 Poetry Book

: Stink, Stank, Stunk
: The Muddy Puddle
: Just Because
: Fog
: Autumn Leaves

Scholastic Education Canada

My Best Worst Sleepover

By Anna Morgan and Rachael Turkienicz
Second Story Press | ISBN#9781897187203
Where to buy My Best Worst Sleepover

The Ants Go Marching

By Cathy Marks  | ISBN#076642810-9
Where to buy The Ants Go Marching

Because I Love You


By Mary Clendenning Genge | ISBN#1554480663
Rubicon Publishing

Home For The Holidays


By Rebecca Germany | ISBN#1593101309
Barbour Publishing
Where to buy Home for the Holidays

9-1-1 Quack!

By Vi Hughes | ISBN#0779151771 
Scholastic Canada
Where to buy 9-1-1 Quack! as a Kindergarten Big Book or Reading Pack 

Bit By Bit

By Shoichi Nejime | ISBN#1550379070
Annick Press
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