Our little meadow

I have been wanting to try this for a while… a study of a landscape in early spring, before anything starts to grow after the winter thaw. Then each week or so, add to the painting whatever has grown in that scene… so in the end, its a painting of everything blooming at once. So, this is a work-in-progress, a painting of the little meadow behind our house in suburbia Brampton, Ontario! (I am working in acrylic on 40cm x 50cm canvas)

April 23, 2020 : underpainting

April 24, 2020 : after the thaw

May 1, 2020 : trees flowering, dandelions peeking out

May 31 : grasses came first, trees and shrubs started greening up. Some shrubs were flowering.

June 19 : I forgot to take photos last week when I added in more grass, foliage, daisies, and purple cow vech. This week the white clovers have bloomed, and another shrub has flowered. I also added four goldfinches.

June 26 : the clover has started to take over, purple and white. More daisies, purple cow vech, and yellow horned trefoil spreading across the meadow.

Will post more this summer as I add to the painting… the ragweed is starting to grow!

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