SALE | Quirky Upcycled Original Art

(ABOVE : Captain Santa, by Pelbam & H. Castles)

Breathing new life into dreary original paintings or vintage prints, I have a select few originals to sell in this quirky series.

They are unique, one of a kind pieces, mixing vintage and classic art pieces with a bit of whimsy. I have painted on top of the original paintings or vintage prints, brightened colors or added elements, but have left some of the original artist’s masterful artwork to appreciate. My aim is to add a playful element to unwanted artwork, while being respectful of the original artists work. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces.

For sale :

Ode to a Toad

Acrylic on oil paint on canvas (20.2×25.5cm)
Original art CAN$125 (+shipping)
More about this piece…

You Can Learn A Lot of Things From the Flowers
by Unknown Artist & Heather Castles

Acrylic on oil paint on canvas (20×25.5cm)
Original art CAN$75 (+shipping)
More about this piece…

The Landing by H. Robert & Heather Castles

Acrylic on textured print on board
Original art CAN$120 (+shipping)

Coming soon :

Below is a glimpse of my work in progress and a couple other original paintings I am planning to add some playful elements to… check back, I will post the originals here when completed.