Captain Santa

This is my first Quirky Upcycled Original Art, which I purchased from an op shop and braved revamping last Christmas. It was originally the above sea captain by David Pelbam, who painted a lot of portraits of wisened older gentlemen. My sister was horrified as she had been looking for a sea captain like this one for years… and I went and made this one into Santa! But I love him… each time I open the office cupboard, Santa is looking out with a twinkle in his eye.

Mr Pelbam did a wonderful job painting the face, and I kept with his brushwork when whitening the beard. Pelbam painted in chiaroscuro (from dark to light,) you can see where the jacket shows through his beard in the original. Changing the colour of the jacket I kept the original buttons. You can see its a little damaged in the middle where it has been dented by a previous owner. The finished art is below…

If you’re interested in this piece, please contact me. I am not quite ready to part with it but can make it available as a print or digital file.

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