Santa-My-Grandpa No. 1

The idea of turning a grandpa into Santa is one that’s been rattling around for a while, so was nice to give it a go. Grandpa’s come in all shapes and sizes… and so should Santas! This is my go at turning my Dad into Santa! Check out my work in progress…

Materials : Liquitex Pro Heavy body acrylic on illustration board. It’s the first time using this paint for portraits so was experimenting with skin tones.

This is the sketch painting underneath the final painting, only painted with black, white & a warm brown…
Dad’s beard grew and grew as I painted and revised over top!
Part of me likes this sketch better than the finished as it is looser…
will keep it in mind for the next Santa I do!
Next sitting I added a little red and green.
It was snowing during my last sitting, the perfect mood for a holiday themed illustration.
I kind of liked the step before better… I was experimenting with more stark shadows and whiter beard and didn’t like how this was turning out. I realized I was fighting two approaches for the portrait in my head, so chose one direction and that tied it together.
The finished piece… I softened up the skin tones, rather than having deep shadows… and darkened his beard a bit.

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