petite pumpkin patch

autumn artwork

This autumn I am pleased to offer a new watercolour series, inspired by the gorgeous autumn harvest in Ontario. From petite pumpkin portraits to acrylic landscapes of late summer dahlia fields, I will be painting in & outdoors during this beautiful season.

As much as I enjoy summer, I love autumn. Pumpkins in the fields. The smell of warm autumn leaves in the forest. Cool and colourful. Beautiful to paint.

Petite Pumpkin Patch – watercolours by Heather Castles
original watercolours

These pieces are only available as original art… not prints. You won’t find them mass produced… just down to earth, pencil and paint on paper.  

mini framed pumpkin portraits, greeting cards, and mini gift cards

Petite Pumpkin Patch – 5×7 framed watercolours
pumpkins, halloween, watercolor, jack-o-lantern, thanksgiving, autumn
Petite Pumpkin Patch – mini gift cards (3×3) Available at Andrews Farm & Winery
autumn landscapes

The Park – Autumn collection, inspired by the landscapes in Algonquin Park.  

framed watercolour landscapes… with the occasional photo-bombing moose!

The Park – Autumn collection – Moose 5×7 framed watercolours

Where can you
find my art?

on Etsy

Autumn themed original artwork, sketches & greeting cards are now available at my shop on Etsy. (New adorable baby jack-o-lantern cards just added!)

at the farm

Framed artwork and cute greeting cards are available this autumn at Andrews Farm & Winery… another great excuse to visit the farm!

at the market

I’ll be one of the vendors at the Autumn at Andrews event on October 30th, hosted by The Mom Market Mississauga!

work in progress

Last autumn I did pencil & watercolour studies of the pie pumpkins we bought at Ontario farms… I love how unique each one is!

care for your artwork

If you have purchased one of my pieces, I have a few tips for caring for original watercolours. Keep them out of direct sunlight (or they will fade) and display in a dry place (or they may get mildewy). If reframing, be sure the watercolours do not sit against the glass surface, as the pencil can rub off and smudge into the watercolours over time. Do not handle the watercolours with dirty fingers or it may leave oils and smudges. Other than that, enjoy!