Services | Artwork Repair

With experience in a variety of art mediums and a sensitivity to the artist’s original palette and technique, I offer repair services to original artwork. Please contact me to discuss your artwork repair needs or for a quote.

Below is an example of art repair which I recently completed of a vintage chalk pastel drawing with extensive mold and water damage. 

Before : Original chalk on paper drawing

The original chalk drawing below was framed directly against glass (not matted), so it had black mold spots all over it from trapped moisture. It also had a large water stain, and rectangular discoloration from where it had once been matted, (perhaps without glass), and had grime build up.

Mold removal

I used a dry brush to lift the mold from the chalk drawing, and softly blend the bare patch with surrounding chalk. Next to tackle was the large water stain.

Water stain removal

The large water stain in the middle of the drawing could not be brushed away, so I used matching chalk to carefully reapply color and restore the image. Now to correct the dark rectangular discoloration left from previous matting.

Matte discoloration correction

Where the previous art had been matted, the exposed artwork had a dark shadowing from build up of dust and grime. I used chalk pastel to match the artists color and reapply chalk on top to match the original softer colors around the edge of the drawing. And the finished piece :