dahlia landscape acrylic impressionism fine-art canada farm

dahlia bloom

Coming Sep 21 to Andrews Farm & Winery Dahlia Bloom by Heather Castles | 3×3 ft acrylic on canvas | CAN$1100 +HST I had a lot of fun painting this bigger piece today & yesterday… I took a lot of photos of the dahlia fields at Andrews Farm a couple weeks back, and have been…

raspberry gardening illustration watercolor

raspberry sprigs

A few weeks ago I visited Andrews Farm in Milton, Ontario… they’ve a gorgeous raspberry patch, and loved the hunt of finding the best raspberries hiding under the shade of the leaves. Later I enjoyed studying the photos I took to create five different illustrated compositions of raspberries on branches. I love how the branches…

autumn watercolor green acorns

green acorns

On my autumn trend, today I am painting green acorns… cheeky squirrels are breaking off branches and haven’t quite collected all the acorns from the ground, so I’ve got some beautiful branches to study. I have painted this twice now, because as the branch ages it changes… I like how the leaves shrivel as they…

pumpkin trio watercolour demo

I think pumpkins need to be with friends! A variation on my pumpkin portraits are these pumpkin trios, done in watercolour and pencil on paper. I got organized and took a stop animation so you can watch below and see how I work! Available on Etsy and in my watercolour pumpkin patch, soon to be…

acrylic painting dahlia bouquet impressionism still life

study of dahlias

Visited Andrews Farm & Winery last weekend, and the vast field of dahlias was stunning! Brought a bouquet home and enjoyed doing a study of them in acrylic on canvas. Did a little stop animation video of the work in progress, so you can see it come together. (I always find these videos a combination…

pumpkins, halloween, watercolor, jack-o-lantern, thanksgiving, autumn

pumpkin on teal

This pie pumpkin sat very still for me to paint its portrait. It was delicious. It’s the most “serious” pumpkin in my petite pumpkin patch of artwork. Now available on Etsy.

mini moose

Having a break from pumpkins, started looking through my recent photos of Algonquin Park to study the trees and water. Enjoyed painting more mini-moose! Part of The Park limited watercolour collection.

pumpkins, halloween, watercolor, jack-o-lantern, thanksgiving, autumn

pumpkin portraits

I enjoyed taking more time with these watercolour studies of pie pumpkins, affectionately called pumpkin portraits… I love that each pumpkin is unique, wide, round, wonky with spots, their curly stems like a crazy hairstyle! I’m ending up with a bit of a watercolour pumpkin patch! Now available on Etsy for Thanksgiving and Halloween! On…

my miniature family portraits

Following on from the post a few days ago about my antique children portraits, we were delighted to reunite the children with their parents! My Dad wanted to go back to the same thrift store to see if there were any more portraits. My Mum & I laughed at him. Then he came home and…

pumpkins, halloween, watercolor, jack-o-lantern, thanksgiving, autumn

petite pumpkin patch on etsy

I’ve been smiling all day painting these pumpkins… with two dozen painted, it’s become quite the watercolour pumpkin patch! And by the end I just had to do a few jack-o-lanterns! These little original watercolour greeting cards vary in size from 3×3 to 5×7. (Pssst… the 5×7 are the perfect size for framing!) Orange is…


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