Adelaide Hills bush fire painting heather castles

fine art

There’s nothing quite like wet squidgy paint on a canvas, bleeding watercolours, or a smudgy bit of pencil on paper. I have a soft spot for traditional painting, and my styles float somewhere between an old-masters approach and loose colourful impressionist. 

upcycled vintage art

Breathing new life into dreary paintings and vintage prints, I add a bit of whimsy by painting on top, brightening colours or adding fun elements, while leaving some of the original artist’s masterful artwork to appreciate.


From greeting cards to children’s books, my playful illustration style lends itself to communicating stories and feelings where a bit of visual fun is needed.  I illustrate with the aim to be generous… adding extra elements within the main image to be used as spot illustrations elsewhere in the design, and painting wide textured margins, allowing for the most flexibility with image placement and cropping in the final product.