As a whimsical old-school illustrator, I tell stories visually with tactile media and bring experience and quirky visual humour to the art I create. 

children’s books

Published in over twenty children’s books, I have experience in the trade, educational and self-publishing industries. I professionally scan my original artwork and prepare it in Photoshop to be print-ready. As well as my illustrations, my graphic design skills allow me to contribute to layout design and preparing layout files for press.  

heather castles greeting card illustration


From greeting cards and maps to brochures and food packaging, my playful illustration style lends itself to communicating stories and feelings where a bit of visual fun is needed.  I illustrate with the aim to be generous… adding extra elements within the main image to be used as spot illustrations elsewhere in the design, and painting wide textured margins, allowing for the most flexibility with image placement and cropping in the final product. 

Adelaide Hills bush fire painting heather castles


There’s nothing quite like wet squidgy paint on a canvas, or a smudgy bit of pencil on paper. I have a soft spot for traditional painting, and my styles float somewhere between an old-masters approach and loose colourful impressionist. 

Repetition and movement are the order of the day in this hypnotic charmer of a book, in which the lilting prose is well matched by watercolours that seem to roll off the pages with their own bright rhythm.

— The Globe and Mail (Review of Bit by Bit)

The colorful illustrations by Heather Castles are soft and muted, adding to the seriousness of the subject. The expressions on the faces of the multi-cultural children are precious and touching.

— Janet Pope (Review of Good-bye, Baby Max)