happy halloween

Hope all the kiddies out there enjoy a fun and safe halloween! I’ll be at the market, dressed up and painting painting pumpkins, and giving out flying paper bats toys to the daytime trick-or-treaters!

last autumn market

This weekend I will be a vendor at the Autumn at Andrews market at Andrews Scenic Acres. As well as my autumn trees, landscapes, toads, bats, and pumpkins, I will be bringing these new acrylic paintings framed in reclaimed wood. I have been making the most of some gorgeous little pumpkins I picked up there…

bats in flight

This was a lot of fun studying bats in flight… they are so different than birds, flying sideways and upside down! This one is a watercolour, 8×10. Bit of fun for Halloween, am working on some bigger silhouettes of bats but not quite there yet. So… I’ve been on Instagram properly for a few weeks…

Cinderella Pumpkin on Teal

Bit of a change from orange pumpkins, this gorgeous Cinderella pumpkin is from Andrews Farm & Winery. I’ve a few more canvases and pumpkins with curly tops waiting their turn to be painted this week… any special requests for background colour?

Pumpkin on Magenta

With the season gradually turning to autumn, I’ve loved seeing the pumpkin harvest appear at our local markets… this little pie pumpkin sat very nicely for its portrait! Acrylic on canvas, like my landscapes I work quickly to keep details loose and painterly. My goal isn’t to make a perfect photographic representation of the subject…

pumpkin trio watercolour demo

I think pumpkins need to be with friends! A variation on my pumpkin portraits are these pumpkin trios, done in watercolour and pencil on paper. I got organized and took a stop animation so you can watch below and see how I work!

pumpkin on teal

This pie pumpkin sat very still for me to paint its portrait. It was delicious. It’s the most “serious” pumpkin in my petite pumpkin patch of artwork. Now available on Etsy.

pumpkin portraits

I enjoyed taking more time with these watercolour studies of pie pumpkins, affectionately called pumpkin portraits… I love that each pumpkin is unique, wide, round, wonky with spots, their curly stems like a crazy hairstyle! I’m ending up with a bit of a watercolour pumpkin patch! Now available on Etsy for Thanksgiving and Halloween! On…

petite pumpkin patch on etsy

I’ve been smiling all day painting these pumpkins… with two dozen painted, it’s become quite the watercolour pumpkin patch! And by the end I just had to do a few jack-o-lanterns! These little original watercolour greeting cards vary in size from 3×3 to 5×7. (Pssst… the 5×7 are the perfect size for framing!) Orange is…


Ok, I’m excited about my pie pumpkin illustrations! Last year, I painted “pumpkin portraits” of our autumn produce. I loved how different each fruit was. (Yes, pumpkins are fruit… they are technically berries!) So, it’s still summery and beautiful outside today, and on my easel today are pumpkins. Lots… and lots… of pumpkins! Check them…