the park

watercolour pencil algonquin canada

This summer was the launch of my new watercolour series, inspired by the rugged landscapes of Algonquin Park, Ontario. Some painted from the canoe, others back at home… from the biggest tree to the smallest clump of moss, there is so much life and beauty in The Park.

Every scene is of actual trees and landscapes in Algonquin Park. I love a good lopsided tree, especially with dead branches, and they are often landmarks in our adventures.

In the family

I always feel at home when in Algonquin Park. I knew my great-grandpa, Ralph Bice, as a funny old man who told ridiculous stories about ducks flying away with frozen lakes! Through his stories he passed on his deep love of the park and nature.

This limited series shares my love of “The Park.” Each scene is an original, signed watercolour painting, inspired by my portages in Algonquin Park.

artwork watercolour canada algonquin heather castles
The Park – Rain Lake en plein air, 5×7 watercolour

5×7 watercolours
Canadian Ontario Algonquin paintings landscape flora fauna watercolours Heather Castles
originals… NOT PRINTS

I love the tactile feel of art, so offer this collection exclusively as original paintings. You will not find these pieces mass produced or sold as prints. They are not serialized because while they are similar, each is unique.  Just down-to-earth paint & pencil on paper.

Where can you find them?

My collection has sold out twice at Nostalgia Antiques in Kearney, the biggest little town in Ontario! The adorable shop is a converted church tucked away in town… worth a little detour on your way in or out of the park’s western entrance near Rain Lake.

care for your watercolours

If you have purchased one of my pieces, I have a few tips for caring for original watercolours. Keep them out of direct sunlight (or they will fade) and display in a dry place (or they may get mildewy). If reframing, be sure the watercolours do not sit against the glass surface, as the pencil can rub off and smudge into the watercolours over time. Do not handle the watercolours with dirty fingers or it may leave oils and smudges. Other than that, enjoy!