Kearney : paddling and painting

drifting and painting

Was a lovely sunny day in Kearney, and I managed to seize the moment for a solo canoe voyage out on Mirror Bay, to enjoy a little painting time outside. Was pretty calm conditions for painting in the canoe, but I did drift along and have to paddle back to where I started so I could see the trees from the right angle! Quite convenient with the lake water there to reach out and dip my brush in as I painted… bits of Kearney lake water literally in my paintings! (The water colours I use are safe for human consumption so safe for the lake and its critters 💚)

Earlier this morning the lake was quite glassy and reflective, so I sat at the picnic table and enjoyed painting in the still quiet… wasn’t the only one up and reveling in the peaceful surroundings! I might add a loon to this painting as there are a family of loons in the bay at the moment.

Update : I will be bringing these paintings with me to Nostalgia Antiques on August 14th where I will be doing a watercolour demo and selling some art pieces. Early birds can find them for sale already on Etsy.

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