Rain Lake : Day 6 after dinner

Rain Lake Cabin Day 6 – Neon Sunset – 12×12 acrylic – AVAILABLE

Last on my easel during our camping trip to Rain Lake in Algonquin Park this summer… 12×12 acrylic study of the view to the west of the cabin.

I painted it on a canvas I had primed with blue, and I had used that canvas to wipe off excess paint… giving it interesting texture and colour to paint on top of. I painted the silhouette of the landscape before dinner, and then when the suns colours got interesting I hopped up from the picnic table, and attempted a sunset. I realized how tricky it was as the sun kept changing colours, especially as it hit the horizon and completely changed to a large orange ball! I wasn’t happy with the reflection on the water (you can see in the on site photos,) so revisited it at home and am much happier with it. My hats off to anyone who paints sunsets outdoors, it’s a race against time!

View west from Rain Lake Cabin Day 6 around dinnertime… underpainting the trees
Catching the sunlight
reworking the sunlight… wasn’t happy but it was too wet, and dark outside, to finish… happier now!

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