The Old Tree on Rain Lake

And one more painting to share before I have a break for the year… the old leaning tree that “used to be” on Rain Lake in Algonquin Park. A gift for my folks, this tree is an iconic landmark to my family. My great-grandfather, Ralph Bice, was one of the earliest guides in the park (1917 was his first job as a guide!) His father helped build the cabin just around the corner from this tree. When they returned from a portage, this giant silhouette would be the sign that they were almost home. It fell years ago, but its sister trees are still there standing tall. 3×3 acrylic on canvas.

I painted this over a few days at the Festival of Trees winter market hosted by CreativeHub1352 in the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga. Was a gorgeous venue, and I enjoyed meeting some lovely artists and folk while there.

You can watch the full length video of the Old Leaning Tree being painted here on Youtube

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