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Hi… it’s been a while!

My work and business practices have been evolving over the last several months. I’m thoroughly enjoying two streams of fine art, 1) expressionist painting inspired by local Ontario landscapes, and 2) playfully upcycling vintage artwork.

The way I share and sell my work has drastically changed… I am primarily sharing my artwork on Instagram. There I frequently share reels of my artwork being painted, talk about upcoming events, and post new art available to collect. I enjoy this less formal approach and it’s easier to chat with others about my art and process, and it is easier to arrange collecting my work through private sale.

With the time I have, I’d rather be painting than tending multiple online platforms… so I am going to be streamlining this website very soon to simply share the feed from my Instagram feeds.

Thank you for following my work, your support is so appreciated! If you are on Instagram I encourage you to check out my accounts below… otherwise, I will put a feed up here soon(-ish!)

acrylic painting heather castles dahlias Canadian artist

Follow my expressionist landscape artwork here on Instagram : @heather_castles_illustration

upcycled vintage art mixed media ship nautical painting octopus heather castles

Follow my upcycled vintage artwork here on Instagram : @upcycled_vintage_art

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  1. Mark Hannam says:

    Good day, Heather!  


    div>I hope you are ab


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