Ok, I’m excited about my pie pumpkin illustrations! Last year, I painted “pumpkin portraits” of our autumn produce. I loved how different each fruit was. (Yes, pumpkins are fruit… they are technically berries!) So, it’s still summery and beautiful outside today, and on my easel today are pumpkins. Lots… and lots… of pumpkins! Check them…

a little forest available on etsy

Five new petite watercolours of conifer trees have been added to my limited watercolour collection, The Park. These are all trees I saw and photographed in Algonquin Park, and are little, 5x7inches.

Autumn in Algonquin

Now available, The Park – Autumn collection. Featuring framed original petite watercolours of flame red maples & golden birches… and the occasional photo bombing moose! Drop me a line if you want to pre-order, otherwise you can find them on Etsy.

my antique children portraits

So… these are not my illustrations! I was at a thrift store looking for rustic frames and purchased these, which I assumed were prints. Intending to use the frames for my own work, I took the stickers off the glass, and opened one that had a ripped backing… only to discover it was a lot…

Rain Lake : Day 6 after dinner

Last on my easel during our camping trip to Rain Lake in Algonquin Park this summer… 12×12 acrylic study of the view to the west of the cabin. I painted it on a canvas I had primed with blue, and I had used that canvas to wipe off excess paint… giving it interesting texture and…

Rain Lake : Day 6 watercolour

Before I started working on the acrylic painting affectionately called “Before Breakie,” I did a little watercolour study of the same scene.

Rain Lake : Day 6 before breakie

On my easel the sixth day day in Algonquin Park on Rain Lake… a last 12×12 acrylic study of the view. Painted on a canvas I had primed with purple, you can see the flecks of purple colours poking through.

Rain Lake : Day 5 hello loon

On my easel the fifth day day in Algonquin Park on Rain Lake… did another 12×12 acrylic study of the view. Painted on a canvas I had primed with a bright colour, then used up old bits of paint on to give it some more texture and colour before painting the landscape on top. You…

Rain Lake : Day 4 fog

So this was the view from our cabin at 7:30am… fog! Day 4 in Rain Lake, Algonquin Park. I was meant to paddle out with my daughters to the landing in time to meet friends… but decided to delay until the fog lifted a little instead of paddling blind. I could see about 30m out,…

Rain Lake : Day 3 watercolour

Before I started the acrylic I did a little watercolour study of the same scene, as with it being overcast and early morning, everything was quite blue and cool tones. Was our “worst weather,” a few scattered showers which drove us inside to play cards for a couple hours. A welcome rest after the big…