Work in Progress | Mumbai Waterfront

Mumbai | cast-off acrylic painting | 2×3 feet | SOLD

Updated March 2022 | I’m calling it done!

This painting has been evolving over the last eleven years and is not quite finished. While visiting Mumbai, I took a photo of the waterfront… I was just amazed/shocked at the debris and rubbish that had washed up on the shore. It was ugly-beautiful, textural, and I thought it would be fun to paint. It has become my “leftovers” painting… that is, I add bits and pieces to it from the leftover paint on my palette from other paintings I’m working on. It felt appropriate to use up the leftover paint that would be usually washed away and discarded, as the entire waterfront itself was littered with discarded bits and pieces that had washed up onshore. It wasn’t till later looking at the photo that I realized there were several kids playing in and around the water by their waterfront homes… spot them if you can!


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  1. Caroline Finlayson says:

    I love the painting, the concept behind it and the clever use of your left over paint to depict the unwanted material from other people’s lives. I recall seeing children playing in the rubbish dumps alongside the railway line from Nairobi to Mombasa and their joy in such poor surroundings was inspiring – your painting brings me the same sensation.


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