Ode to a Toad

This little oil painting by C. Peter is the latest in my Upcycled Vintage Art series. I found it in a Brampton op shop, and had intended to brighten up the colours, as in autumn, evergreens should stay green! However, once Mr. Toad was added and happily soaking in the lake, I decided to leave everything else as the colours just worked. Original painting by C. Peter below. I did an online search for the artist, and only found one other landscape painting with a similar online signature, on an oil painting which sold recently in Mississauga, Ontario. If anyone knows who the artist is I would be interested to hear more about him/her.

First the sketch on velum.

Then drawing it on in in white acrylic paint.

A little more colour.

Partway through I removed the little canvas from its frame and liked it better for it. Below is the finished piece.


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