Rain Lake : Day 3 rain and me

Rain Lake Cabin Day 3 – rain and me – 12×12 acrylic – AVAILABLE

On my easel the third day day in Algonquin Park on Rain Lake… did a quick 12×12 acrylic study of the view. Painted on a cool underpainting, working from dark to light. I was just about finished when the clouds opened up and started raining on me. There was nothing I could do about the raindrops, which lifted the partially dried acrylic off. But I kind of like it, the natural rain drops from Rain Lake captured on my painting.

View from Rain Lake Cabin Day 3, ready to start painting 6:45am
Rain drops on the canvas
Drying off flat in the cabin, as upright the raindrops started to run down the painting taking paint with it!

Was our “worst weather,” a few scattered showers which drove us inside to play cards for a couple hours. A welcome rest after the big portage to McCraney Lake the day before.

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