Art at Andrews : dahlia bloom

dahlia bloom | 3×3 feet | acrylic on canvas | available

I had a lot of fun painting this bigger piece today & yesterday… I took a lot of photos of the dahlia fields at Andrews Farm a couple weeks back, and have been itching to have a go painting from them as inspiration. Tried to be conscious of not over working the whole thing, leaving some areas loose, while painting details in other areas. Was handy having one last cut dahlia on hand to see how the flowers attach at the back, and how the buds look before opening. At 3×3 feet, it’s one of the bigger paintings I’ve done recently. Again I took a time lapse while painting so you can see it come together… excuse me as I get in the way a bit!

Available at Andrews Farm Market & Winery

Dahlia Bloom by Heather Castles | 3×3 ft acrylic on canvas | CAN$1100 +HST
One of the photos I used for reference… was a fun day with my family at Andrews Farm
my studio space… Santa is watching me!
my palette after painting… I use a small canvas to wipe extra paint off my brush, makes a nice underpainting for the next piece

available in the winery

Pop by Andrews Farm Market & Winery in Milton, to see the painting in person… be sure to explore the farm, the dahlias are still blooming!

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