winter bustle… markets & more

I have been very quiet here for a while… in a nutshell, I’ve been busy painting, painting, painting! I’ve had the pleasure of working on several pieces for local art collectors; have enjoyed doing some more watercolour and acrylic studies of local Ontario landscapes and nature; and taken some time for some whimsical up-cycled vintage art pieces.

Between all this I am continuing to grow the old brain cels by delving into the world of Instagram. I tried to avoid it for years… but have succumbed and acknowledge it is such a practical way of communicating & sharing my work! So. If you’d like to hear from me more often, watch my reels of work in progress, and get first dibs on new art… follow me on Instagram! (heather_castles_illustration)

New collection – Impressions of Algonquin

Just launched my new collection of petite paintings (4x4x1.5 inches) inspired by the moody lake-scapes of Algonquin Park. Available for pre-order on Etsy.

Winter Markets

The busy season is ramping up, I have been busy painting up a storm for TWO markets!Loving studying our Ontario nature & landscapes… all originals, no prints!

This Saturday I am pleased to join the talented lineup of local artisans at the Burk’s Falls Holiday Market Walk! Nothing like going for a winter walk & shop in an adorable Ontario town… big thanks to Almaguin Makers Marketplace for organizing!

And next weekend (Dec10-12), I am delighted to be part of the first Mississauga Festival of Trees market, hosted by CreativeHub1352!

PSSST!!!! (stage whisper) Book your ticket for the market next weekend, then come visit me at the market and I will take the price of your ticket off any paintings you purchase at my booth as a THANK YOU! (Limit 1 ticket per painting!)

Coming soon… new up-cycled vintage artwork!

These are works in progress / still drying… hoping to bring them with me to the Festival of Trees market, but at the very least will be putting them up on Etsy. Refreshing these tired-outdated paintings has been such fun, and it makes me happy to bring these masterfully painted pieces back in style with a bit of whimsy! Drop me a line if you would like to reserve one, they are one-of-a-kind and limited to what vintage prints / suitable paintings to work with.

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  1. Mark Hannam says:

    Beautiful artwork as always, Heather! Best wishes for fun and success up in Burk’s Falls tomorrow, and I hope to stop by on either Sat or Sun next weekend down at the Mississauga show.


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