wild mushrooms

Just put the finishing touches on my new watercolour collection… Wild Mushrooms! Fungi fact, (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), these Blackening Waxcap mushrooms start off tiny and vibrant red, and as they mature they change colour to reddy orange, then blacken to a deep black and fan out in shape as they reach maturity.

Inspired by the forest floor in Ontario, this limited watercolour collection was painted from photographs I have taken of the varieties of mushrooms that grow through the summer and into autumn in Algonquin Park and the surrounding area. (And one painted en-plein-air… before I accidentally stepped on it!) Framed in reclaimed black walnut wood, the petite size, imperfections, and weight of the wood add to the down-to-earth feel of these pieces. 

This is a limited collection of original paintings… these are not prints! I love the tactile feel of art, and so offer my watercolours exclusively as original paintings. They are not serialized (example 21/100) because while they may be similar in subject matter, each is unique. Just down-to-earth, paint on paper.

This is also a limited collection of frames, as the reclaimed wood has been used in its entirety (thus the iddy-biddy frames!) Once they are sold out, any new paintings will be framed in a different wood. So if you are keen on this type of frame, don’t sit on the decision too long! 

(But if you miss out, don’t fret… drop me a line, I love painting mushrooms… while I won’t replicate a painting, I can do something with a similar feel.)

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