Wind, Water & Ice illustrations

Another magazine has come back from print, and was fun to see how Scholastic Education used my illustrations in their How Wind, Water and Ice Change the Land magazine. It is part of the BC Let’s Do Science materials for kids.  

Illustrating the process of how ice can crack and split rocks was fun… it made me notice cracked rocks and cement everywhere I went! I do enjoy sneaking little amusing things in the illustrations for kids, like ladybugs and worms. These rock illustrations were used on two pages in the magazine. 

One distraction that was removed, was a triumphant hiker on the top of the mountain! My ten year old son was disappointed it got removed in the editing process, but then quickly agreed that if he saw that in the picture, he would have stopped thinking about science and started imagining himself as that hiker! 

P.S. A little trick when illustrating on paper and you want the exact same object across several pictures… use a bright window as a light table to trace the shapes from one paper to the next for consistency!

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