Scarlette Point No.1 painting en plein air

Something about being up North makes me wake up early! Which is great for painting as the light is gorgeous. I had an hour to myself before everyone was up so spent it sitting on the dock painting a study of trees (12×12 acrylic on canvas) at Scarlette Point where we stayed… formerly Poplar Point where my grandma grew up.

I took a time lapse video of the painting you can watch below… we laughed so hard watching the unedited clip as in the first bit my head was bobbing up and down as I looked at the trees! That has been cropped out… but my knee snuck in there!

There are plans in the works for me to return to Scarlette Point in the fall and do a painting workshop… there are beautiful trees and lily pad groves surrounding the point, looking forward to painting there again. Stay tuned for dates!

The trees and view I painted sitting on the dock at Scarlette Point, Kearney, Ontario.

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