Painting Autumn : Early Morning

This past weekend my hubby & I went away camping for the weekend to enjoy autumn painting & fishing. Was a bit of a disaster weather wise, with it being rainy most of the time… but had a few dry patches to get out on the lake and do both. (Discovered it isn’t so easy to paint in a small canoe with someone fishing, lol, so gave up on that idea pretty quickly!) We stayed at Groom Lake in Kearney, Ontario, and enjoyed the peak of the autumn foliage.

This is one of a few little 12×12 acrylic studies I did while away… this was the sunniest patch we had, and I loved how the wind blew leaves across the glassy surface. One of my favourite things is the black water reflections of the branches above me. Will post the others through the week… till then, I took a time lapse of the painting… but dark, but it’s fun to see the leaves float by!

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