Painting Autumn : Across the Lake

After the early morning painting, I had time to do another from a slightly different view. Felt authentically autumn with leaves falling into my water bucket and on my canvas as I worked. I was very pleased with this little acrylic painting… and then disaster struck!

It was threatening to rain, so when finished I leaned it under the rain shelter against a post to dry while I went to paint another view. I spent about half an hour painting the next piece, when it started to pour with rain. My hubby was very chivalrous and held an umbrella for me so I could finish that painting (which I love!)… it felt very fun painting in the rain!

I returned triumphantly to the shelter with my painting, only to have my emotions take a dive when I saw a heavy stream of water running right down this little one, and had washed a good chunk away! So… I did a bit of repair work, but will be revisiting this one post en-plein-air to tidy up the branches on the tree a bit. But I will be leaving some of the cracked paint areas that were lifted by the rain, as a little nod to nature’s contribution to this piece. Will update this post once I have finished repairing it.

Oct 13 – I spent a little time today adding details back into the focal point of the painting, and fixing the sky on the right side… much happier with it. I’ve left the cracked paint on the left, because I really liked how nature contributed to the painting!

Oct 13 – fixing it up!

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