Art at Andrews : Dahlias in Autumn

Dahlias in Autumn | SOLD

This past weekend I was one of the vendors at Autumn at Andrews market, organized by The Mom Market Collective and located at the beautiful Andrews Scenic Acres. Was WINDY and COLD to say the least, which made it exciting… but made it a little challenging to do my painting demo! Even with my easel anchored down with a fishing anchor, the canvas did wriggle free and blow away twice, lol! But I persisted, my daughter was with me to do hot cider runs (beautiful cider at Andrews, not too sweet!) and am very pleased with the en plein air acrylic piece I ended up with. The rain put an end to the painting time (I learned my lesson from last time!), I have a couple details I’d like to touch up back at home. Where it is less windy. And warmer.

Had a relax and wandered through the dahlia field after the market
Couldn’t come home without a basket full of dahlias!

I’ll be back at Andrews on the 30th with more original pumpkins, bats, toads, and landscape artwork!

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