Art at Andrews : market day

Was a fun way to finish off the autumn season at Andrews Scenic Acres by painting outdoors and joining in as a vendor at the Ghosts & Ghouls Market. What made it the best was having our friends & family come to support us, dress up in costumes, and hang out for the day. So I was enjoyably distracted and forgot to take more pictures of my work in progress! But you can see my starting place (the canvas I have used for cast off paint so I don’t waste it and wash it down the drain); my painted sketch; and where I ended up (close to done.) I went smaller this time around, as last time I painted here it was very windy and my larger canvas blew off the easel and rolled away three times!

It was a novelty this time around at the market with it being Halloween, dressing in costume (I don’t usually wear victorian clothing, lol!) and handing out flying paper bats to the kids. Loved seeing their faces light up waving the stick around and watching their bats on a string flying!

Was also a pleasant surprise selling most of my new petite acrylic pumpkin paintings… framed in reclaimed wood, they were one-offs and unique to each other. I have one last one available, up on my wall till it finds its new forever home.

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